Tuesday, April 12, 2011

CVE-2011-0611 Adobe Flash Zero Day embeded in DOC

information about new zero day in adobe flash player :

Filename: Disentangling Industrial Policy and Competition Policy.doc
Size:176,144 bytes

My analysis of  Disentangling Industrial Policy and Competition Policy.doc
File created 04-Apr-2011 9:50 , by user 7 , and company hust

There are no vulnerabilities in MS Office, there is a vulnerability in embeded swf as was described below.

embeded swf file(local name d:\513.swf)
size 10,421 bytes
decoded action  script

this is heap spray, allocate memory with nop slide=0x11111111.
and load second swf file.

second swf
size 1,484 bytes

SWFTools>swfdump.exe -D 1.swf
[HEADER]        File version: 10
[HEADER]        File size: 1484
[HEADER]        Frame rate: 24.000000
[HEADER]        Frame count: 1
[HEADER]        Movie width: 550.00
[HEADER]        Movie height: 400.00
[045]         4 FILEATTRIBUTES
[00c]      1447 DOACTION
GetU8() out of bounds: TagID = 12

flasm16win>flasm.exe -d 1.swf
movie '1.swf' // flash 10, total frames: 1, frame rate: 24 fps, 550x400 px
frame 0
00000000    push FALSE, 326943637, 326943739
0000000F    oldEquals
00000010    not
00000011    branchIfTrue label2 // offset 1100
00000016    branchIfTrue label1 // offset 24
0000001B    constants 'A', 'B', 'C', 'D', 'E', 'F', 'G', 'H', 'I'  Declared constant pool length 21 differs from calculated length 20

Disassembly may be incomplete: wrong action length encountered
          end // of frame 0

crash exist in Adobe Flash Player plugin .
in my test NPSWF32.dll (
crash at location 100cfc03

this possibly related to tweet :

call [0x11111110+0x08]
to be continue ...


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